727Denis_reggie_head_full_rez.jpg “If the light is coming from the camera, we have that unfortunate side effect of only communicating two dimensions—height and width, not three. Anyone can do that. But a professional doing tremendous quality photography wants to convey the difficult third dimension: depth. How do you do that in a photograph? You create shadows making one side of the face brighter than the other. I want my camera to signal the off-camera flash wirelessly. You can’t have wires in a church. In the past year, we’ve gotten a system that allows us to accomplish this without line of sight by using the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5. This is the technology we’re embracing tremendously as wedding photographers.

“I can get sensational readings without a meter, without having to fire test flashes in the face of the wedding party to get readings. Let the technology raise the ISO so you lessen the amount of light. I shoot my groups often at 800 ISO. Why? Because I don’t want to overwork the flash. I don’t want to blast the subjects with light. I don’t need to go lower than that because I don’t want too much light on their faces. The camera performs at 800 with no noise. It just looks beautiful. PocketWizard enables this type of photography for gorgeous results.”
                                    --Denis Reggie

Atlanta photographer Denis Reggie has been taking pictures since he was a teenager in Crowley, Louisiana. An injury kept him off the football team, so he reinvented himself as a sports photographer to stay part of what he loved.

After college, he attended a former girlfriend’s wedding. Appalled by the pushy photographer working the event, Denis knew there was a better way. He decided he could apply what he had been practicing as a sports photojournalist to the wedding photography industry. By combining his innovative “wedding photojournalism” with just a few minutes of formal photos during each wedding, Denis has been able to please brides and grooms around the world for over twenty-five years.

Denis lives in Atlanta. His two children are his greatest joy, and his home is filled with photos of his son and daughter.