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New Jersey photographer Neil Van Niekerk uses the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 for Nikon along with the AC3 ZoneController to create dramatic photographs on set.

“AC3 controller there was essential. It helped me in not having to run around like a mad man changing the settings on my three groups of flashes. I could do it all from my camera’s position; I could switch them on and off, I could change them between TTL and manual and change their power ratios all there from the camera, making me look very cool!”
846NvN-pocketwizard.jpg This is where I try and give you a sense of who I am. Just who is this person who might be doing your photo session, or photographing your wedding. Who is this photographer who is maintaining his site; who wrote these books. I have to simultaneously intrigue and appear cool. But I can’t tell you I’m cool. There’s the quandary.

I can keep it to the factual: I’m a photographer based in Wayne, NJ, specializing in portrait, wedding and boudoir photography.
I also maintain a very active website for photographers. I teach workshops and seminars on photography. I have written two books on flash photography, of which one has been translated into Polish and Portuguese. This probably means I can describe myself now as being ‘internationally renowned’. I’ll take it. It sounds good.

I could tell you a few background details about myself:
 I’m originally from South Africa where I worked as a TV Broadcast Engineer. Then in 2000, my wife and I decided to settle in the USA with our daughter – and I have pursued photography here as a full time career since. 
What drives me as a photographer:
 That I love photography for a variety of reasons. The stimulation and excitement of responding to new situations satisfies both my analytical and creative sides, and I also truly love working with people. I get real pleasure from sharing the happiness with the people that I photograph, and knowing that I’m creating images that will evoke wonderful memories for a lifetime. (By the way, this is the most plagiarized paragraph from my bio. Seriously.)

I could try to define who I am through my interests:
 Photography. That’s something I am serious about, yet try to have fun with. However, photography is an obvious answer here.

My other interests – I am a movie nut. I love movies. A widescreen TV and surround sound and a blu-ray player. Sounds like heaven already. I also live my life to a music soundtrack. My music taste is diverse, but I really like Trip-Hop and Electronic music and Alt-Rock and British Punk & New Wave. I used to play saxophone in a band back in South Africa. I love music. But I am a better photographer than I would have been a musician. So here I am.

And there you have it. This is me.
Photo: © Neil Van Neikerk