Jack Reznicki
Born in Israel, the son of concentration camp survivors, Jack moved to the US when he was four years old and grew up in Rochester, NY. With a newly minted BFA cum laude degree in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and after assisting some of the top photographers in New York, Jack opened his studio in 1980 and has become a well-known and respected commercial photographer. His creative problem-solving photography has helped promote products and services for many companies such as Tylenol, The Wall Street Journal, Hyatt, Toys "R" Us, Kodak, Canon, Epson, Reader's Digest, Crest, AT&T, L'Oreal, Playtex, Johnson & Johnson, several Time Magazine covers, and numerous other Fortune 500 companies.  www.reznicki.com

One of Jack's specialties is photographing children.  With the help of several PocketWizard Plus II's, Jack is able to interact with children and trigger his camera remotely.  Check out the video below to see how this is done and then read below to see how the shot was set-up.

Remote Camera Triggering

How did he do that? Here is an explanation.

Plus II Transceiver
1. The PocketWizard Plus II was the world's first 'autosensing' transceiver. It is the key to Jack Reznicki's wireless studio.












2. If you own a PocketWizard Plus Transmitter and Receiver, you can do remote camera triggering by simply adding one PocketWizard Plus II Transceiver to the mix. Or, you may use three Plus II Transceivers.

Step 2

3. Place a PocketWizard Plus II in the camera's hotshoe.  Plug in the optional accessory motordrive cable to connect the camera port to the motordrive release terminal.
Step 3

4. Set the PocketWizard in your hand, and on the camera to Channel 1.

Step 4

5. Set the PocketWizard on the flash to Channel 2.
Step 5

6. Press the TEST button on the PocketWizard in your hand to take the picture.  The Plus II on the camera receives the signal and fires the shutter.  Then transmits on channel 2 to fire the flash.
Step 6

Alternate settings:

If you set the transmitter in your hand and the Plus II on your camera to Channel 2, then set the flash to Channel 3.  If the hand control and Plus II are on Channel 3, then the flash is on Channel 4.  If the hand control and Plus II are on Channel 4, the transmit signal rolls over to Channel 1 so set the PocketWizard on the flash to Channel 1.