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Renowned wedding photographer Stephanie Zettl explains why she loves using the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 for Nikon to differentiate herself in the marketplace.

 “One of the nice things is that our speedlights are so powerful now that we can take them on location and they become basically studio lighting for us…it’s really easy to do…The thing I love about our PocketWizards is they work!”

Photo: © Peter Zettl
Stephanie Zettl is a St. Louis photographer who specializes in photographing people.  Her strengths include documentary styled weddings and stylized portraiture using dramatic lighting, contemporary posing, and meaningful locations. Stephanie and her husband, Peter Zettl, have created a strong business from their contemporary downtown work and live studio space that represents the ideal set up for an independent photography company.

Stephanie has been awarded the “Best of St. Louis Wedding Photography” award many times and always hangs “Award of Excellence” prints at WPPI.  She believes that any good photograph should be strong in craft and skill as well as art and inspiration.  She strives to achieve both in her work.
Photo: © Stephanie Zettl