702AC5_logo_art.jpgThe AC5 RF Soft Shield was designed to block the RF emissions from certain flashes (580EX II, 580EX and 430EX) from interfering with the FlexTT5, allowing the FlexTT5 to work at considerably longer range. For proper performance, the AC5 must be installed correctly.



The AC5 has two parts:

RF Fabric Shield
RF Shoe Filter

1.    Slide the shoe filter onto the FlexTT5 top shoe and lock into place
2.    Slide a Canon Speedlite, with the flash head in a vertical position, onto the shoe filter and lock into place.
3.    Slide the RF fabric shield down over the flash and tighten the cinch cord.   IMPORTANT:  Make sure the RF Fabric on the inside of the shield connects to the metallic surface on the underside of the flange on the shoe filter.













4.    Use the Velcro strap to tighten the fabric shield around the flash head.














When using an external battery:
3.    After step two, plug the external power pack to the Canon flash.
4.    Position the power cord around the front of the flash.
5.    Slide the fabric shield down over the flash stopping just above the power cord.  
6.    Continue to slide the shield down a little bit on the side opposite the power cord, this will allow the shield to be slipped easily over the plug and cord.
7.    Position the cord so that it exits the shield on the back right side of the covered flash.
8.    Pull the cinch cord to tighten.  
9.    Keep the cord away from the radio’s antenna.The AC5 works for handheld or vertically mounted flash, such as on a light stand. 

NOTE: The AC5 is not designed for horizontal use on a boom mount or light pole; for these situations please see the AC7 RF Hard Shield.  The AC7 is also the perfect solution for use with an umbrella with its centered umbrella mount.