The Plus II, PlusX, Plus III, FlexTT5, and MultiMAX are all Auto-Sensing Transceivers. These PocketWizard radios automatically switch between transmit mode and receive mode. This is the key to using the Auto-Relay Mode function.

In the following steps (and in the video above), a Plus II, PlusX, Plus III, or MultiMAX can be substituted for the FlexTT5 mentioned in the description.  Please note that the Plus series and MultiMAX do not have TTL capability.  You must use either a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 as the transmitting radio and FlexTT5s as receiving radios if you want to use TTL.

Step One
Slide the FlexTT5 into the remote camera’s hot shoe.

Step Two
Use a remote camera cable to connect the FlexTT5’s camera port (P1) to the camera’s remote terminal. You can use our Cable Finder to find the appropriate cable for your equipment.


Step Three
Set the receiving FlexTT5 on your remote camera and the PocketWizard radio in your hand to the same Channel.  You can also use Learn Mode to teach your receiving FlexTT5 the correct Standard Channel. Click here for more information on Learn Mode.


When "Use ControlTL for Rx Channel" is checked (factory default), the FlexTT5 only receives triggers on ControlTL Channels. (This is a function of the FlexTT5 only, as the Plus series and MultiMAX do not have ControlTL Channels.)


When the box is unchecked, the FlexTT5 only receives on Standard Channels like those used in the Plus series and MultiMAX radios.

Step Four
Set the PocketWizard radio connected to the flash ONE CHANNEL HIGHER than the Channel you just set the FlexTT5 to receive on.

Step Five
Press the TEST button on the PocketWizard in your hand to take a picture. The FlexTT5 on the camera will receive the signal and trigger the camera, then automatically transmit one Channel higher to fire the flash.

You can also attach a flash to the top shoe of the on-camera FlexTT5.

Any transmitting PocketWizard radio can be used as the in-hand radio for this setup. However, using the MiniTT1 is not recommended as battery life will be significantly reduced.

The receiving PocketWizard attached to the remote flash can be any receiving PocketWizard radio, including flashes with built-in PocketWizards.

Please be sure to choose your Channels carefully if you are mixing ControlTL and Standard Channel radios.