When your camera’s x-sync speed is only around 1/250th, shooting fast-paced action in locations with lots of ambient light means working around some tricky problems, like balancing color temperature and dealing with motion blur. Wedding photographers are usually forced to use smaller apertures, taking away an element of creative control.

With a MiniTT1 Transmitter or FlexTT5 Transceiver on-camera and updated to ControlTL Firmware version 3.0 (Canon) and 6.0 (Nikon), PocketWizard's HyperSync Automation technology adjusts HyperSync timing in two separate places – on the transmitter and on the receiving ControlTL radio. The transmitting or on-camera MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 automatically adjusts HyperSync to compensate for changes made to shutter speed. Photographers can further refine HyperSync via the PocketWizard Utility.

The receiving ControlTL radio can additionally compensate for shutter speed and flash power level by automatically making adjustments to achieve the fastest possible sync speed for supported configurations, such as a FlexTT5 with speedlights, an AC9 AlienBees Adapter, a PowerST4, or a PowerMC2. Some configurations require adjustments via the PocketWizard Utility.

HyperSync can now be customized on a per-flash basis. When using multiple flashes of different makes/models, HyperSync adjustments can now be made individually on each receiving FlexTT5 unit. If using an AlienBees flash with an AC9 AlienBees Adapter, users simply specify the flash under the Sync Timing tab in the PocketWizard Utility and the radios will automatically use the best timings for every shutter speed.


To learn more about HyperSync, please click here.