Controlling E-TTL Ratio Flash with PocketWizard’s MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 and the Canon flash system is easy. The ControlTL system seemlessly transmits the ratio commands from your on-camera flash to your remote flashes.  Simply leave your remote flash in basic E-TTL, place in the remote FlexTT5's hot shoe, and set the A-B-C zone selector on the FlexTT5 to put your remote flash in the right zone or slave group.  Control the balance of light between your on-camera and remote flashes using the familiar Canon flash controls.

NOTE: The Wireless Ratios Remote Flash video explains how to manage ratios with your on-camera flash acting as a ratio controller and not contributing light to the scene.  This video, Wireless Ratios with on-camera Flash, explains how to manage ratios with your on-camera flash turned on and contributing light to the scene.

Here's how to get started:


With camera-mounted MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 turned OFF, slide a 580EX II into the radio's dedicated hot shoe and lock it in place.


Press and hold the ZOOM button on the 580EX II until the flash icon and “OFF” appear.  If you are using the original 580EX, just set the OFF/MASTER/SLAVE switch to MASTER and skip to Step 4.


Turn SELECT dial to see blinking “MASTER + ON”.


Press the SELECT button in the center of the SELECT DIAL.
MASTER Mode is now set.


Now enable Ratio mode for the on-camera flash:
Press the ZOOM button TWICE to see RATIO + OFF blink.


Turn the SELECT dial to see ON + RATIO + A:B.


Press the SELECT button. MASTER Ratio Mode is now set.


Switch ON the camera-mounted PocketWizard MiniTT1 or FlexTT5.

Slide a compatible Canon Speedlite into the dedicated shoe of a receiving FlexTT5 and lock it in place. Set it to C1 or C2 and switch ON the flash unit.


Set the FlexTT5 Zone Selector switch to “B". 


Do not set the remote flash mounted on the FlexTT5 to SLAVE mode or worry about matching the Canon channel.  The FlexTT5 handles all of that for you.  Just leave the remote flash in basic E-TTL.


Now simply turn the SELECTOR dial on the camera-mounted 580EX /EX II to change the flash ratio and make the flash on camera "A" brighter or make the remote flash "B" brighter.



NOTE: To use the flashes with High Speed Sync, the Master flash must be set for High Speed Sync via the flash's menu. It is not necessary for the remote flashes.