Flash Sync Cable
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For remotely triggering a flash via a standard hot shoe. DOES NOT SUPPORT TTL FUNCTIONS.

Cable Length:  3' (91 cm) straight

From 1/8" (3.5 mm) mono miniphone

To Standard hot shoe

*Includes a 1/4-20 thread mount.

International Catalog Number: HSFM3

US Catalog Number: 804-419


PocketWizard Compatibility:

  • PlusX
  • Plus III
  • MultiMAX
  • FlexTT5 (for non-TTL flashes)
  • Older PocketWizard radios, including Plus, Plus II, etc.

Compatible with flashes that work with a standard hot shoe, including:

 Canon  Nikon  Sunpak
 Cheetah  *Nissin  Yongnuo
 Fuji  Olympus  
 Godox  Panasonic  
 Leica  Pentax  
 Lumopro  Phottix  

And most other flashes with a standard ISO 518 hot shoe. 

Know your flash's sync voltage!  Some older hot shoe flashes have sync voltages that are too high for certain PocketWizard radios and could damage them. Check your radio's specifications to make sure it is compatible with your flash.

NOTE: NOT designed to be compatible with Sony flashes. Please see our Sony Wiki page for details about using PocketWizards with your flash.

*NOTE: Will not work with flashes that cannot be triggered by the center pin, including most Sigma models and some Nissin models. Check with the manufacturer if you are unsure if your flash can be triggered via the center pin.