NOTE: As of June 2014,  the MultiMAX Transceiver has officially been retired.  Although there are MultiMAX radios still available in some retail stores throughout the world, this product is no longer being produced.  The Plus III Transceiver is a great alternative to the MultiMAX.
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The PocketWizard MultiMAX Transceiver is the world's most innovative and advanced digital radio triggering system available in the photographic market.

With its sophisticated trigger time control software and transceiver communication capabilities, the MultiMAX model opens up limitless creative possibilities for the professional or serious amateur photographer.

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Current Firmware:



300 meters (1600 feet) Range is dependent on multiple factors including equipment, mode, environment, positioning, orientation and interference.


US/FCC model - North America:

344MHz (Standard Triggering) 
346.5-354MHz (Quad-Triggering)

CE model - EU/Asia/Other:

433.62 MHz (Standard Triggering) 
434.22 MHz (Quad-Triggering)


Complex 16/24 bit digitally coded signals


32 Digitally coded ID#'s 
16 Original Classic Channels 
16 Quad-Triggering Channels

Synch Speed:

Up to 1/250 (focal plane) 
Up to 1/500 (leaf shutter) 
Up to 1/1000 (Fast Mode)


2 AA batteries (IEC:LR6)

60 hour life

AC Adapter:

Optional AC adapter Cat# 804-105 (PW-AC-2) 
3 VDC unregulated, 0.3 A (300 milliamp) or higher

4.5 VDC regulated, 0.2 A (200 milliamp) or higher, (recommended)


Custom molded high impact plastic with captive battery door


153 grams (5.4 ounces) (w/ alkaline batteries)


Height (body only): 10.2 cm (4.0") 
Flexible Antenna: 6.1 cm (2.4") 
Width: 5.5 cm (2.1") 
Depth: 3.7 cm (1.4")


3.5mm (1/8") mono miniphone jac;

Hot Shoe; USB Port; 6-pin Accessory Port

Operating Temperature:

Above -15° C (5° F) and below 50° C (120° F)

Maximum Input Voltage:

250 VDC

Camera/Port 1:

0.5 A (1/2Amp), current limited

Flash/Port 2:

4.0 A for 0.00002 seconds (1/50000 seconds or 20 microseconds)

0.25 A (1/4 Amp or 250 milliamp) continuous, current limited

Voltage Present:

For Port 1 and Hot Shoe = 3.3 VDC, 0.001 A 
(1/1000 Amp or 1 milliamp), regulated

Trigger Threshold:

Less than 2.2 volts


Hot Shoe, ¼-20 female threads, lanyard and Velcro

Time Settings


Contact Time:

999.9 seconds or 16 minutes, 39.99 seconds (min .01 sec)

Delay Time:

9.9999 seconds (min .0001 sec)


99:59:59 or 4 days, 4 hours minus 1 second (min 1 sec)


999.9 seconds or 16 minutes, 39.99 seconds (min .01 sec)


Timing is repeatable within ± 1/10,000th of a second


9999 triggers (min 0)

Preset Rear Curtain Delays:

1, 1/2,1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30 and 1/60th shutter speed

Standard Accessories:

PC-1 camera synch cable, lanyard, velcro and 2-alkaline batteries