Originally aired July 11, 2013

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When adding light to your portraits, it’s clear that off-camera flash produces the most natural and beautiful results. The question that remains is how to best control the flash. Should you use your camera’s TTL metering system or is it best to take control and go full manual?

In this video webinar presented by PocketWizard, guest photographer Rick Sammon joins host Joe Brady as they do an environmental portrait shoot using both methods. Rick is a master at making TTL off-camera flash easy and effective while Joe prefers full manual control for consistency and repeatability.

Which style is best for you?

Join us for this friendly battle between Rick and Joe as they each show their process for controlling off-camera flash for environmental portraits. Take advantage of the live chat as Rick and Joe will take your questions and discuss the features and benefits of each style. You may choose one side or the other, or perhaps even combine both – but whichever way you decide, this will be a fun and informative presentation!

Rick Sammon’s website

Equipment List:

Rick Sammon’s
Canon 5D Mk III Camera
Canon 24-105mm lens
PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5
Canon 580 EX II Flash
Profoto 1.3x2' Rfi soft box

Joe Brady’s
Sony a99 Full-Framed DSLR Camera Body
Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f2.8 lens
Sony HVL-F60M Flash
PocketWizard PlusX and Plus III
Profoto Speedring Adapter for Canon and Nikon
Profoto 1.3x2' Rfi soft box
Sekonic L-478DR