Originally aired February 20, 2014

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Few things interrupt a portrait session more than having to stop in the middle of a great flow to add and subtract lights! Join host Joe Brady as he sets up a four light studio that can be controlled right from the top of a camera with the help of PocketWizard Plus® III radio triggers.

Do you really need to have four lights available? For some shots, you may only want one light, and then perhaps add a hair-light or reflector. Having multiple lights in position gives you creative control to shape the light on your subject to produce a portrait with the feel, drama, shape and impact you are after.

By creating a standard lighting set for your studio portraits, you save time and keep the flow of the shoot undisturbed as you concentrate on your subject. PocketWizard Plus III's give you the ability to add and subtract lights instantly without having to go on the set so you can maintain that flow. Enjoy this free session and see how easily a four light set can cover just about any portrait lighting need.

Lighting Diagram:

Equipment List:

4 PocketWizard Plus III
PocketWizard .25inch phono to miniphone sync cable
PocketWizard Caddys
Sekonic L-478DR meters
1 Bowens Gemini 400rx
3 Bowens Gemini 500 pros
2 Bowens Lumiair 80x100 Softbox
1 Bowens 40x100 Softbox w/ soft grid
1 Bowens reflector grid kit
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
Kupo 20inch C-stand with turtle base
Kupo extension arm
Kupo support arm with 3-way clamp
Kupo sandbags
Nik Software Color Efex Pro
Adobe Lightroom 5
tether tools cable with jerkstopper & aero table
Sony NEX7 & Sony a-99 with 24-70mm f2.8 lens

Photos by Joe Brady:

© Joe Brady 2014
© Joe Brady 2014
© Joe Brady 2014
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© Joe Brady 2014
© Joe Brady 2014