Originally aired live on March 20, 2012

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Take Control of Off-Camera Flash with Joe Brady 
Studio Portrait Lighting Featuring the New PocketWizard Plus III

Join host Joe Brady for this video seminar on controlling studio portrait lighting with the new PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver. Learn the benefits of shooting with your flashes on full manual power. During our live shoot, we’ll use both speedlights and studio monolights. But more important than just discussing photography gear, we’re going to explore how and why to use this equipment to capture the image you’re after.

We all know that photography is about light. The new PocketWizard Plus IIIs we’re going to put to use will allow us to put the light where we need it and make it easy to control – right from the top of the camera.

We’re going to take full control of our lights for our studio shoots. That means full manual control – no TTL flash. No more guessing, no constant exposure adjustments, no hours in front of the computer fixing your images. If you are after consistent, professional results in controlled settings, learn how manual control is the way to go!



Click here to view all images taken during Webinar #4.  Some samples below.

© Joe Brady

© Joe Brady

© Joe Brady