Originally aired Thursday, May 17, 2012                 

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Exploring the Plus III Transceiver with Mark Wallace

Join Mark Wallace for this video seminar about the PocketWizard Plus® III Transceiver. The Plus® III has tons of new features, and Mark will be demonstrating some of his favorites. He’ll show how to use Quad-Zone Triggering to control multiple flashes – and cameras – in different zones. He will also talk about the new and improved TEST button with the Two-Stage Trigger that allows you to wake, focus and meter a remote camera before triggering. Mark will be teaching from the studio, so get ready to see the Plus® III in action!

Mark Wallace is a commercial fashion photographer based out of Phoenix, AZ who teaches workshops across the country. He is creator and host of the web-based video series "Digital Photography One on One" and "How'd They Do That?" sponsored by AdoramaTV. 

Images taken in the studio during the webinar: