We asked you to show us how you MAKE IT POSSIBLE™ using PocketWizard Wireless Triggering Systems.  Only one off-camera flash was required.  396 images were submitted and then we narrowed it down to ten semi-finalists for final judging by Mark Wallace. Here are the winners:

  Trevor Mahoney, Waterloo, Canada - www.trevormahoneyphoto.com  
Trevor has won two FlexTT5's and one MiniTT1 for Nikon, an AC3 ZoneController, a G-Wiz Trunk bag, and a 1-year subscription with SmugMug plus photo website customization.

As quoted by Mark Wallace: "I loved the unusual point of view, the colors, the composition of the shot - every eye is on that puck! Even the people in the back ground are focused on the single point of action. The colors are rich, the wide angle lens gives us a sense of the space. We know the players are in a large arena but it's not a sold out game. Those details all add to the story told in this frame. The facial features of the players are captured perfectly. We see a look of determination on Player #2's face while at the same time we see wide eyed hope on the face of her teammate, and you can almost hear the opposing team shouting "nooooo!". This photo tells a complete story and that's why I chose it as the overall winner."

Photo: © Trevor Mahoney

Trevor's been shooting everything and anything for a few years now.  He bought his first digital camera when he graduated from University and used it for taking snap shots of all of the places he visited working around Canada and the United States as a construction Project Manager.  A couple of years ago he combined his love of sports with his passion for photography and began shooting sports.  Since then he's been on a mission to capture unique and compelling images. Although his focus is local sports he also shoots professional Hockey and Baseball in both Toronto and Detroit for a wire service.  His images have appeared on both ESPN and Sports Illustrated's websites as well as in their printed magazines.

: Joseph Cartright, New York, NY - www.josephcartright.com
Joseph wins a PocketWizard G-Wiz Trunk bag and a 1-year Pro Account subscription with SmugMug.
As quoted by Mark Wallace: "This image is sublime. The red of the model's hair compliments the blue and green background. The allusion to Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" is wonderful. The pink skin tones complete the feeling of a renaissance painting."

Photo: © Joseph Cartright

SECOND RUNNER UP: Ville Lahtinen, Helsinki, Finland
Ville wins two PocketWizard G-Wiz Trunk bags
As quoted by Mark Wallace:
"To me the beauty of this shot is the strong shapes and high contrast. I love how the photographer used strong back light to create strong silhouetted lines on the concrete structure. The use of cool colors in the background helps us understand the winter scene. The snowboarder is lit and shot to fit within the overall structure of the rest of the image. It's a beautiful shot."

Photo: © Ville Lahtinen



Photo: © Felix Hernandez

Photo: © Andrejs Zavadskis

Photo: © Henri Luoma
Photo: © Matt Sills
Photo: © Michal Szyplinski
Photo: © Scott Weaver
Photo: © Neil Hanson


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937839MarkWallace_headshot_resized_contestpage.jpg Final Judging done by commercial-fashion photographer Mark Wallace based out of Phoenix , AZ. Mark is the face behind numerous PocketWizard Tutorial videos as well as host and creator of the web-based video series “Digital Photography One on One” and “How’d They Do That?” sponsored by AdoramaTV.  Mark is co-founder of  Snapfactory studios.

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