PocketWizard Photo of the Month Contest - May 2013

For the month of May, we asked you to submit your best lit image taken at a wedding or civil union. Whether it was an image of the bride getting ready, the flower girl walking down the aisle or the first dance, the image had to be lit by at least one off-camera flash. We received over 100 submissions which we narrowed down to eleven semi-finalist and the final judging was done by professional wedding photographer, Melody Hood.


OVERALL WINNER: Shark Jiang - New Taipei City, Taiwan www.sharkjiang.com

Shark has won one MiniTT1 and one FlexTT5 for Nikon and a G-Wiz Vault bag.

As quoted by Melody Hood: "I find this image stunning. It captures the chaos and madness that is Times Square in a soft and beautiful way. The light is lovely, the way her dress flows adds to the soft beauty of a very busy and chaotic scene. I love theat they don't seem to notice the world around them as they linger for a kiss in one ofthe busiest intersections in the world. It's an image that allows me tofeel what it's like to be there. It's truly lovely. To me, it also symbolizes marriage. In the center is a couple who are deeply in love, the madness and the hustle and bustly of life around them doesn't changethat or take away from that"

Photo: © Shark Jiang

FIRST RUNNER UP: Raymond Leung - British Columbia, Canada www.raymondleung.ca
Raymond has wona G-Wiz Vault bag and an autographed copy of Joe MCNally's "Sketching Light"

As quoted by Melody Hood: "I won't lie, tilted images normallydrive me absolutely batty and I want to straighten them. This is one ofthose very rare instances where it just works, until I really started to study the image I didn't notice the tilt. That's a big deal to me, Bravo Raymond for pulling that off. The light is beautiful, he did an incredible job making it look more like natural than artificial light, especially the backlighting. He managed to pull of both an emotional andstunning landscape image."

Photo: © Raymond Leung

SECOND RUNNER UP: Alex Beckett - London, England www.alexbeckett.co.uk
Alex has won a G-Wiz Squared bag and a copy of Stephanie Zettl's book "Nikon Speedlight Handbook"

As quoted by Melody Hood: "Oh, Alex, with a different crop or different composition this image would of been my number one pick. It's stunning, even though the couple is so small in the frame you can still feel their love and passion. This is beautifully edited and executed." 

Photo: © Alex Beckett


FAN-FAVORITE: George Wakefield - Florida, United States. 
George has won a variety of PocketWizard goodies.

The Fan Favorite is chosen by the image that receives the most amount of public votes through the submission period.  There is only one vote per IP address allowed, to stop from one person voting for the same image multiple times.

Photo: © George Wakefield



Photo: © Burcu Ustuner
Photo: © Mariano Sfiligoy
Photo: © Dennis Sherman
Photo: © Jerome Braga
Photo: © Derick Le
Photo: © Lizeth Aviles
Photo: © Rashawn Woodgett
Photo: © Rokovor Vihienuo




10831064923melodyhood112x140.jpg Final Judging was done by Melody Hood, owner of Innamorata based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  She is a founding member of Modern Photographers, an organization of professional photographer where membership is based on reputation, skill and artistic ability.  Melody has been an avid PocketWizard user and has been a featured photographer on our blog and did a bridal shoot in the desert with Plus III's for one of our behind the scenes videos.