109692320130528_bike-9182_72dpi.jpgFor June and July's Contest theme we asked you to shoot using HyperSync®. Whether you're shooting action sports, weddings, portraits or trying to overpower the sun, we wanted you to push the limits of our latest firmware with improved HyperSync. Depending on the combination of your gear, you may be able to use shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second with a manual flash! Avid HyperSync photographer, Chris Garrison was our contest judge and here are the winners!


OVERALL WINNER: Alan Young - Vancouver, British Columbia
Alan has won 2 FlexTT5 radios, 1 MiniTT1 radio and a G-Wiz Vault bag

As quoted by Chris Garrison: "I have always been a fan of shooting into the sun since the introduction of HyperSync. I love how Alan shot into the sun with a cool idea, almost redbull minidrome link. He paid very close attention to the flash style in this photo, which is important. I am a huge fan of rim lighting in action sports for a more contrast lighting effect on a subject. This not only makes the athlete pop out of the image but will make many people stop and have to have a closer look at the shot as well. Another great part of the photo is the slight motion blur in the wheels, it reminds you that the biker is moving and I find that you need some sort of motion in the wheels for any motor or bike sport when shooting HyperSync.

Photo: © Alan Young

FIRST RUNNER UP: Geoff Holman - British Columbia
Geoff has won 2 PocketWizard ControlTL radios and a G-Wiz Squared bag.

As quoted by Chris Garrison: "Another great ability with HyperSync is brining down ambient light and freezing fast motion. This image is awesome on bringing down the ambient light to give it an almost shot in the gark feel. I am also a huge fan of backlighting any motion that kicks up water or dust and Geoff does a great job in this image. It almost gives off the feel of how much power and speed goes into the action. Geoff also did a great job on lighting the forest and still making the athlete pop out in the image."

Photo: © Geoff Holman

SECOND RUNNER UP: Jovan Radjenovic  - Norway
Jovan has won a PocketWizard ControlTL radio and a G-Wiz Trunk bag.

As quoted by Chris Garrison: "I use HyperSync for 95% of my lifestyle and outdoor portrait photography. This image shows the exact reason why HyperSync is perfect for outdoor lifestyles. You can use a bunch of ND filters to bring down the ambient light and lower the fstop to soften a background but it will still never freeze action above 1/250th of a second. This shot shows you why you need to use HyperSync when you are outdoors shooting action lifestyles."

Photo: © Jovan Radjenovic


FAN-FAVORITE: Terrence Moore - Texas, United States. 
Terrence has won a variety of PocketWizard goodies.

The Fan Favorite is chosen by the image that receives the most amount  of public votes through the submission period.  There is only one vote per IP address allowed, to stop from one person voting for the same image multiple times.


Photo: © Terrence Moore



Photo: © Dustin Allison
Photo: © Jim Greipp
Photo: © Mark Gribbon
Photo: © Mark Skovorodko
Photo: © Reggie Ferraz
Photo: © Valentin Baat
Photo: © Wouter Noerens
Photo: © Austin Thomas


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1096923Chris_Garrison.jpgFinal judging is being done by commercial photographer Chris Garrison.  He is the owner of Chris Garrison Photography, based out of Orlando, Florida. Chris Garrison has been a pioneer photographer since the release ofthe HyperSync feature.  He has shot numeros Red Bull events and been published in various magazines.  Chris has also been featured in a HyperSync webinar.