For the September "Photo of the Month" contest, we asked you to show us your best lit portrait using a minimum of one off-camera remote flash.  The flash could be triggered using any wireless system.

We received 259 submissions to this contest, our largest to date.  We narrowed it down to ten semi-finalists, all winners were chosen by photographer, Dixie Dixon.

Daniell Bohnhof  - Las Palmas, Spain
Daniell has won 3 Plus III radios and a signed copy of Kevin Kubota's "Lighting Notebook"

As quoted by Dixie Dixon: "This is an amazing shot!!!  To me it's all about the eyes... the eyes are everything in portraits!  You can tell that the subject was completely at ease during the shoot and see this great connection in his eyes and strong expression.  I dig the contrasty light on his face, nice rim light in the back and the sharpness of the water droplets which were frozen with PocketWizards and strobes.  The water adds something really unique to it.. it makes you stop and look at the image - maybe he is a swimmer or a diver of some sort.  All of these elements work together beautifully!  Kudos!"

Photo: © Daniell Bohnhof

Chris Cameron - Aukland, New Zealand

As quoted by Dixie Dixon:
"This is an epic commercial portrait- brilliantly thought out and composed beautifully!!!  Their faces tell a story of drama, determination, and dedication to their team.  I really like their strong stance and V formation mirroring the sailboat in the background.  The lighting is spot on - love the dramatic clouds in the background and subtle highlights on the sailboat, their faces and the trophy.  I dig how the red color is so vibrant while the other colors are desaturated. Red is a strong color in photos and enhances the story of a team that is out to win it against all odds."

Photo: © Chris Cameron

James Minns - West Palm Beach, Florida

As quoted by Dixie Dixon:
"This image showcases the beauty of simplicity!  I love the softness and elegance of this fashion portrait. The rembrandt lighting really adds to the mood here.  My eye goes straight to her eyes/expression and then down to the purse, and then to the tulle on her shoulders and back up to her face, which makes for a successful fashion portrait!  Great work!"

Photo: © James Minns

FAN FAVORITE: Claudio Paolucci - Rome, Italy
This image was chosen as the "Fan Favorite" by receiving the most votes on our contest page. Claudio's image received 252 votes.

Photo: © Claudio Paolucci


Photo: © Ben Krebs

Photo: © Brandon Lyon

Photo: © Chris Marconi

Photo: © Philip Platzer

Photo: © Cole Garrett

Photo: © Andrey Shinkarchuk

Photo: © Reu Dawner Flores



1105index.jpgFinal juding will be done by commercial fashion photographer Dixie Dixon based out of Texas.  Dixie has recently been appointed a US Nikon Ambassador and was named 2013 Emerging Photographer of the Year by GraphiStudio.  Reflected in every frame of her work is full of life, beautiful energy, and most of all, soul. Her work has been published in Rangefinder, PDN, Drapper magazine, and Living magazine just to name a few.