PocketWizard Photo of the Month Contest - October/November  2013 - SPORTS

1107923PHOTO_CONTEST_LOGO_150x104.jpgPocketWizard Photo of the Month Contest is designed to inspire, expose and reward talented photographers around the world and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their photos.

For October & November we wanted to see your best sports image.  We are looking for sports in action. We narrowed it down to nine semi-finalists, all winners were chosen by photographer, Robert Hanashiro.

OVERALL WINNER: Dan Mullan - Plymouth, England
As quoted by Robert Hanashiro: One of the objects of using a remote camera is taking your audience somewhere they cannot be and this image shot from a low angle as horses race past and literally over the camera accomplished this. The flying dirt and turf, the layering of the image and the cloudy sky for a background pull this image all together. Well done.

Photo: © Dan Mullan

FIRST RUNNER UP: Jose Fajardo - California, United States
As quoted by Robert Hanashiro: Using a remotely triggered strobe to backlight and pump up the drama of the smoke surrounding the player turned a standard photo into one that really grabs the viewer. Required planning and is well thought out.

Photo: © Jose Fajardo

2ND RUNNER UP: Jeffery Gammons - Florida, United States

As quoted by Robert Hanashiro: Basketball floor remotes have become a staple in sports photography but what sets this images apart from the "usual" is obviously the action: The up side down player. And what puts this photo into the "unusual" category is where the ball ended up, in place of the player's head. This is a really fun photo.

Photo: © Jeffrey Gammons


This image was chosen as the "Fan Favorite" by receiving the most votes on our contest page. Claudio's image received 56 votes.

Photo: © Carl Auer


Photo: © John Flora

Photo: © Ben Jackson

Photo: © Nico Morgan

Photo: © Jeff Mulvihill Jr.

Photo: © AJ Mast

Photo: © Scott Weaver


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1107923head.jpgFinal judging will be done by photographer Robert Hanashiro, founder of Sports Shooter. For the past 22 years, Hanashiro has been the West Coast staff photographer for USA TODAY, the country's largest general interest daily newspaper.  He has covered every major sporting event from the Super Bowl, the World Series, to 12 Olympic Games.