We believe that working with remote camera or flashes "expands your eye!"  We asked you to show us your best new image taken using off-camera (remote) flash OR taken with a remote camera triggered with any wireless system.  251 submissions were entered and then we narrowed it down to ten semi-finalists for final judging by Mark Wallace Here are the winners: 


OVERALL WINNER: Vincent Riemersma, Bergschenhoek, The Netherlands - https://www.flickr.com/photos/vincentriemersma/ 
Vincent has won two FlexTT5's for Nikon, one AC3 ZoneController for Nikon, and a G-Wiz Vault bag.

As quoted by Mark Wallace: "Wow. That's what I thought when I first saw this image. What an amazing capture. Technically it's great. The flash is used as a subtle light on the church. This image caught my attention both because it's visually stunning but  mainly because of the juxtaposition of earth against the heavens. The symbolism of a church (the traditional place of worship) and the stars (a symbol of the majesty of The Creator) is unmistakable. This is an image that allows us to ponder the greatness of nature and at the same time causes an existential question about the frailty of humanity.”

Photo: © Vincent Riemersma


Vincent’s love of photography grew after his father’s first purchase of a digital camera once available in the consumer market and now they enjoy capturing images together. Vincent’s main focus has been on travel and being able to capture the beauty of landscapes through his photography has proven to be thrilling. He enjoys the hiking of trails, climbing of mountains and the adventure it takes in order to capture the shot.  He uses PocketWizard Plus III’s for all of his remote camera and flash triggering. His images have appeared in Digital SLR Photography (UK), Dutch Nikon Club Magazines and several newspapers. 


FIRST RUNNER UP: Ian Jukes, Birmingham, United Kingdom - www.elementalcore.com/
Ian has won a G-Wiz Vault bag and a signed copy of Joe McNally's book "Sketching Light"

As quoted by Mark Wallace: “When judging an image I'm looking for two things: technical proficiency and storytelling ability. This image is technically solid; the image is in focus, it follows the basic rules  of composition, the post processing is terrific, etc. But the reason I loved this image is that it tells a story. It's a simple story of a welder, but it's  told very well. I can feel the heat, I can hear the crackle of the wire as it melts the metal. Ian could have overpowered the image with the poor use of  flash but instead used his flash to separate his subject in a subtle way - we see the story without being distracted by its execution. I wish the welder's elbow wasn't cropped out, but it's an exceptional image nonetheless.”


Photo: © Ian Jukes



SECOND RUNNER UP:  Erik Reis, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal - www.behance.net/ikostudio
Erik has won a G-Wiz Squared bag and a signed copy of Kevin Kubota's book "Lighting Notebook"

As quoted by Mark Wallace: “I was immediately drawn to this image by the red jacket set against the darker blue tones. I love the use of chiaroscuro in this image. The desaturated cool tones, the complimentary colors, and the attention to detail in the background all combine to make this a top notch image.”


Photo: © Erik Reis


FAN-FAVORITE: Matthew Smith - British Columbia, Canada
Matthew has won a variety of PocketWizard goodies.

The Fan Favorite is chosen by the image that receives the most amount of public votes through the submission period.  There is only one vote per IP address allowed, to stop from one person voting for the same image multiple times.

Photo: © Matthew Smith



Photo: © Matt Sills
Photo: © Erkin Sahin
Photo: © Eduard Panichev
Photo: © Chip Kalback
Photo: © Danial Halim
Photo: © Siddhesh Rishi
Photo: © Tal Roberts



1052923839MarkWallace_headsh.jpg Final Judging done by commercial-fashion photographer Mark Wallace based out of Phoenix, AZ. Mark is the face behind numerous PocketWizard Tutorial videos as well as host and creator of the web-based video series “Digital Photography One on One” and “How’d They Do That?” sponsored by AdoramaTV.  Mark is co-founder of  Snapfactory studios.