Technique, Creativity and Professionalism

Photo: © Robert Seale
Your clients expect professionalism and creativity. There's no room for excuses. You need a winning image every time, whether it's an annual report or editorial assignment. It’s how you put it all together that keeps clients coming back.

Factories and offices were simply not designed with the photographer in mind.  Photography in these environments means solving challenging lighting issues, finding shot angles where none exist and dealing with many other on-location challenges. Having the right gear to make the shot possible is critical.

PocketWizard radio triggering systems were born here. The original PocketWizard concept was developed to provide a reliable alternative to inconvenient sync cords on an architectural photo shoot years ago. Several product generations later, PocketWizards continue to provide solutions for remote technical lighting challenges, with many sophisticated timing and control features to help you fulfill your creative vision.

Photo: © Steve Whittaker
PocketWizard radios trigger cameras, flash or both simultaneously. Incorporating the latest radio-technology, PocketWizard systems offer the most reliable performance in the industry. Designed to exceed the demands of today's working pro, PocketWizards provide durability, ease of use and advanced features not found anywhere else.

For the Industrial/Architectural Photographer, the MultiMAX Transceiver remains the top choice; Zone Triggering and other advanced Trigger Time Control features let you create light where you never thought you could before. PocketWizard’s new FlexTT5 is a perfect companion to an on-camera MultiMAX, operating on all channels and three zones to work with many advanced MultiMAX features including Zone Triggering and SpeedCycler.

PocketWizard radios also work to trigger remote cameras so you may shoot multiple angles simultaneously, all synced to the same lights. 

PocketWizards will do this and more with precision, efficiency and reliability. Now you can create the shots you've always wanted.

Explore detailed PocketWizard features and specifications to find the model that's right for you and to see how PocketWizard wireless triggering systems can dramatically improve your portfolio.