Make the Impossible Shot Possible

856photjournalism1_18420090128_Cheeseplatter-1270.jpgA photojournalist needs a deep bag of tricks to bring back images that editors want to see.  Some of those tricks only come from years of experience but others come through creative use of the tools of the trade.  Add PocketWizard® radio triggers to that bag and find a whole new world of possibilities in your images.

PocketWizard radio devices trigger cameras, flash or both simultaneously.  Utilizing the latest digital-technology, PocketWizard triggering systems are equally comfortable working with manual or TTL flash and offer the most reliable performance in the industry.  They are designed to exceed the demands of today's working pro, by providing durability, ease of use and advanced features.

856photojournalism2_18420081224_Hotchocolate_2549.jpgWhen working under deadline, adding off-camera light quickly can be a challenge.  With the new ControlTL® system and E-TTL II flashes, getting perfect light is as simple as slide-in, turn-on and shoot.   Add to that 8 frames-per-second capability and FP Sync up to 1/8000 sec and the system works as fast as you do.   You can even dial the power on your remote flashes up or down from your camera by simply adjusting your flash compensation value.

With shrinking budgets you’ll also be expected to do the work of two for the price of one. The use of remote cameras can do just that.  PocketWizard’s transceivers allow you to add one or multiple remote cameras and with auto-relay and ControlTL you can also add remote TTL flash to your remote set-ups. All of this can be triggered from the camera in your hands or just a hand-held PocketWizard radio.

When working in crowded venues with others using PocketWizard radios, you can use one of 32 standard channels or 20 Control TL channels.
There is even more that PocketWizards can help you do to keep you and your editor happy. 

Explore detailed PocketWizard features and specifications to find the model that's right for you and to see how PocketWizard wireless triggering systems can dramatically improve your portfolio.