Reveal Their Soul

Portrait photography is more to you than just a headshot. Your images are the windows to their world; the interpreter of their soul. You feel their passion and emotion, and look for a way to communicate them through your images.

857Portrait1_24720080406_Thriving_Ivory_sm_0867-2.jpgUnderstanding your subject, selecting the right lighting and your personal interaction are the keys to reaching your goal: capturing the real person.

When the decisive moment reveals itself, you only have seconds to capture the image. There's no time for unreliable, complicated or distracting gear to hinder your concentration. PocketWizard® wireless triggering devices set your mind free to engage in your craft with the convenience of reliable wireless triggering, seamless operation and new creative possibilities.

PocketWizard radios trigger cameras, flash or both simultaneously. They work with small “speedlites” to full-size studio flash and now have full E-TTL II capability with Canon systems.  Incorporating the latest radio-technology, PocketWizard triggering systems offer the most reliable performance in the industry.  They are designed to exceed the demands of today's working pro, providing durability, ease of use and advanced features.

857portrait3_24720090117_skater_3851.jpgFor those looking to keep things simple, the ControlTL® system featuring the MiniTT1® and the FlexTT5® is the perfect flash system.  You can set-up E-TTL II flash in a matter of minutes; just slide-n, turn-on and shoot.   You can even use zone and ratio controls to create more complex lighting without the need to worry about your flashes “seeing” your camera – put them anywhere you want.

The ControlTL system will give even die-hard manual flash photographers a reason to try TTL with FP Sync capabilities.  Now you can shoot wide open in full sun with flash for a completely unique look.  Step back with your telephoto and leave your flash close to the subject and fire away – the results will amaze you.

The MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 are reverse compatible with any other PocketWizard triggering device you already have in your camera bag such as a Plus II™ or MultiMAX™ and you can even mix manual flash with TTL – if that’s what you want to do.

Explore detailed PocketWizard features and specifications to find the model that's right for you and to see how PocketWizard wireless triggering systems can dramatically improve your portfolio.