Go Where the Competition Can't

Photo: © Dave Schmidt
Face it, sports photography, like the sports you photograph, is incredibly competitive.  To stand out from the pack, your images need to be superb - great timing, great perspective, great lighting.  You've seen shots in the magazines and wondered ‘how'd they get that?' Simple, PocketWizard® wireless freedom.

PocketWizard wireless triggering systems trigger cameras, flash or both simultaneously. Incorporating the latest radio-technology, PocketWizard triggering systems offer the most reliable performance in the industry.  They are designed to exceed the demands of today's working pro, providing durability, ease of use and advanced features.

For Sports Photographers, PocketWizard radio's are used as much or more for remote camera triggering then remote flash.  Setting up remote cameras is a necessity for some as it allows the photographer to easily cover multiple locations simultaneously or simply get multiple angles of one location.

Photo: © Donald Miralle / Newsweek
Any PocketWizard transceiver can be used for remote cameras and if you need to, also trigger flash with our auto relay function.  If you are synching multiple remote cameras to one set of lights, there is nothing that can provide advanced sync timing other then a PocketWizard MultiMAX™.

The new ControlTL® system featuring the MiniTT1® Transmitter and FlexTT5® Transceiver enables some previously impossible camera capabilities.   Currently, cameras have a relatively low flash sync speed which limits how much you can freeze the action.  Introducing HyperSync; a new technology which allows photographers to achieve faster X-sync speeds, up to 1/500 second, with full power flash.

Photo: © Steve Lloyd
Need more speed?  Push your ControlTL system beyond 1/500th and go into FP/High-Speed sync mode automatically.  Simply change your shutter speed to get flash sync all the way to 1/8000th.   No buttons to press or settings to change!  FP Sync does drop power levels to function, but there will still be applications for the sports shooter.

Combine these features with up to eight frame per second (8 fps) shooting speed and you have truly unmatched capabilities. 
If you’re already shooting with MultiMAX’s, don’t worry, the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 with ControlTL system is reverse compatible with all PocketWizard models and work on all 32 traditional PocketWizard channels as well as 20 new ControlTL channels.  Now you can combine the amazing features of the MutltiMAX with HyperSync and many other new features for unlimited creative freedom.

The FlexTT5 will also work seamlessly with some of the other advanced MultiMAX features such as:
•    Need to work with more then one strobe set-up?  Use the Quad-Zone triggering to control up to four sets of strobes independently.
•    Want faster recycling times?  Use SpeedCycler to rotate through four different strobes while shooting sequences.
•    Triggering multiple cameras to one set of strobes?  Use the Lag-Time Equalizer to bring it all in perfect sync.

The MultiMax and FlexTT5 are the perfect combination for solving your sports photography challenges.  The result?  Images that set themselves apart from the rest.

Explore detailed PocketWizard features and specifications to find the model that's right for you and to see how PocketWizard wireless triggering systems can dramatically improve your portfolio.