Self Portrait © Adrien Broom
Adrien Broom organized a photo shoot specifically for PocketWizard Photo Products and the results were amazing.  For the Behind the Scenes footage from the shoot, click on the video link below or visit an image gallery. Meanwhile, learn more about Adrien and her work in the Q & A session below or visit www.AdrienBroom.com.

Photo © Adrien Broom
How did you get into photography?
Strangely enough I got into photography through animation. I studied 3D animation in college and discovered I was much more interested in single frames. I loved creating the scenes and the characters, but was most intrigued by trying to capture the whole story through a single image. That, in  combination with the need to be immersed in the scene rather than experiencing it through a computer, finally lead to an “Ah ha” moment and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Where do you enjoy shooting?
Definitely in the woods. I carry a notebook around with me and whenever I spot a fantastic looking tree or peculiar location I take notes and make a point of planning a shoot around the location.  I love organic shapes and how they can change a story or a mood into something other-worldly, even though it was found in something as familiar as your own back yard.

Photo © Adrien Broom

How long have you been shooting professionally?

I took the plunge about six years ago during one of those periods where you reassess what’s really important in your life. At the time, I was hanging out with some friends who had recently committed themselves to being professional musicians.  It was not an easy step to take in the beginning, much like starting out as a photographer.  After a few weeks on the road with them I realized how happy being out in the world and photographing made me. I realized that if I could make this my life I’d never have to “work” again. I’ve been on living the dream ever since.

What do you enjoy shooting the most?
People in narrative scenes. I like anything that challenges normalcy. Lately, I’ve been drawn to conversations between women, nature and animals.

Photo © Adrien Broom - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Tell us about your best day of shooting?

Best day of shooting? Hmmm...a dream day of shooting would start with a set in the woods; complete with props, models and hopefully animals, surrounded by my amazing team. Pretty similar to my PocketWizard shoot. I love to get all the elements of an amazing shoot together and let spontaneity create the story that unwinds.  Second half of the day would be shooting live music into the wee hours of the night. I love the contrast of shooting live music with the rest of my work which is much more controlled. With music you have no control over lights, movement, places... really anything.  The beauty in contrasts. That would be my perfect shooting day.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

I like to take my dog with me on as many shoots as possible. He actually now responds to “buddy, you’re in my shot”, and trots out of the way.   I am extremely grateful for what I do.

Present & upcoming shows:
D&D building, NYC
Tri Gallery, NYC 
Hans de Castellane Gallery, NYC
Diane Birdsall Gallery, CT
116 Crown, CT

RISD Guest speaker - 2010, 2011

Where my work has appeared:
Nylon Magazine
Billboard Magazine
Boston Globe
Pollstar Magazine
Marie Claire
Waterford Times
Mystic Times
Stonington Times
Lyme Times
Serenity Magazine
Keyboard Magazine
Curate Magazine
Mirit Weinstock