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Sometimes a photo rolls in and just makes you stop - Steve Lloyd has been doing that a lot lately.  The front-end-loader shot rolled in just a few days ago and we are happy to be able to use it for the launch of 5.0.  Steve has been on the Beta program for a while now and reluctantly admits to not owning any lights other then his Canon Speedlights.  Steve continues to prove you do not need big lights to make a big impression.  Here's the story behind the photo as told by Steve:

My Good friend and athlete Kevin Brower and I felt like we had not gotten any solid photos for this ski season and with a lack of snow here in the Wasatch so we decided to create our own project. With special help from Snowbird and their marketing directorJared Ishkanian, we created a ramp with snow from their parking lot.

As we set up I left Kevin and Jared to sculpt the ramp and I started setting up the lighting. I placed four individual lights around the front end loader. One light was dedicated to lighting the skier. Two were used to light the Cat with blue gels and one was used as a backlight.

Having Kevin stall on the plow was not as easy as it looked and we had to start small and gradually move the plow up each time he hit it. Finally we had our height and Kevin was getting it dialed as far as his body position on the plow. This shot was the last shot for the night and a mist of fog had just rolled in. It was like magic. it created light beams from my backlight and made everything glow even more blue.


Steve shoots with a Canon 1D Mark II and uses a mix of 580EX II's and 550EX's.

See more of his work at SteveLloydphoto.com