Slide-n-Shoot Simplicity - PocketWizard Goes Beyond TTL

Four remote E-TTLII Speedlites, 1/400 second, 6.5fps, Canon 40D.
Professional photographers have depended on PocketWizard® radios for reliable triggering of their manual flashes for years.  But, with the onslaught of digital technology, photographers have been seeking a simpler solution for off-camera TTL flash.  The available products and solutions have been good, but not without limitations or complexity.  PocketWizard has made it possible with the Slide-n-Shoot simplicity of the ControlTL® system (Control the Light), featuring the MiniTT1® Transmitter and FlexTT5® Transceiver for Canon and Nikon.  These E-TTL II and CLS / i-TTL capable radios make taking off-camera flash photos as effortless as slide-in, turn-on and shoot.

Now you can get perfect off-camera flash photos in any environment.
       Around corners
       Bright sun

With these additional features:

     Dedicated Canon and Nikon compatibility
     Manual Power Control
     Studio flash power control (with select flash systems)
     On-camera hot-shoe
     Up to 8 fps
     HyperSync full power flash with up to 1/8000 sync
     Optimized FP/High Speed Sync up to 1/8000 with Speedlites
     Optimized Rear Curtain Sync
     Pre-Flash Boost
     Triggers remote flash or camera
     Upgradeable and Configurable
     Compatible with any PocketWizard for standard triggering

Click here for details on updated Firmware releases

These products are the main components of technology featuring the ControlTL firmware.  ControlTL taps into the camera’s digital communications to enable an entirely new level of remote flash capability through our proven radio system, with remote TTL for Canon E-TTL II and Nikon CLS / i-TTL systems. 

Sure, remote wireless flash is available today, but with major system limitations or complexities.  Now you can simply slide-in, turn-on and shoot with the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 regardless of flash positioning or daylight.  Changes in ISO, aperture and shutter speed are seamlessly passed along for reliable, flawless flash.  You can even use your camera controls to make changes in flash output.  Need ratios?  You can do that too. 

Upgradeable and Configurable:
457upgradeable_caption_cropped_resized.jpg ControlTL was designed to be user configurable and upgradeable making these units upgradeable as new technologies and products are introduced. Simply download the PocketWizard Utility software to select other channels, adjust sleep mode timeout, adjust flash trigger timing for HyperSync™, and more.

Behind the scenes, we are hard at work on new features for both TTL and studio flash that will help you get the most out of your equipment.

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