516Frequency_icon_smallest.jpg PocketWizard radios communicate wirelessly via radio waves.  They operate by sending and receiving information via an internal radio transmitter and receiver (click here for more info on the basics of RF communication).  Just like any radio, they operate on certain frequencies and some frequencies are better than others for our purpose.

In North and South America (and some parts of Asia) we use the 340 – 354 MHz range because it is the least crowded frequency range for our class of wireless triggering devices.  Other choices like 433 MHz, 900 – 930 MHz ISM band, or the 2.4 GHz band have many more interfering devices on them. 

You probably noticed that either your home phone system or internet wireless network work off of the popular 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz bands. Bluetooth devices also operate on 2.4 GHz.  You probably don't know that alot of utilities (water, gas & electric companies in the US) have adopted the 900 MHz to send/receive communications with throughout their grids and systems. 

In our research, we found millions of devices on these bands, whereas between 340-354 MHz, there was much less crowding.  A less crowded frequency improves reliability and reduces the possibility of missed shots due to interference.

Unfortunately, this same band is not available for use in many markets including Europe or Japan.  The EU has more restrictions on which frequencies can be used.  For Europe we use a very narrow band around 433 MHz as permitted by EU regulators.  CE regulations do allow for a slightly higher power output that offsets some of the crowding of this frequency range.

For Japan, we operate on 315.50 to 317 MHz but due to significant power output limitations, the range performance is limited.

North & South America and parts of Asia = 340.00 to 354.00 MHz FCC/US

Europe, India, China, and other countries = 433.62 - 434.22 MHz CE
Japan = 315.50 - 317.00 MHz


PocketWizard radio devices operating on one frequency can not operate with PocketWizard devices on a different radio frequency.  Retailers can not ship devices to markets that use a different frequency and we can not provide proper warranty service for products shipped out of their intended market.

Many countries restrict the import or usage of wireless equipment including microphones, cameras, drones, radio triggers, and computer accessories. Alternatively, some countries may require a license or inspection of any wireless equipment before it may be used. Please ensure you own and operate any wireless equipment in full compliance with local laws.

PocketWizard and authorized PocketWizard dealers and distributors are not responsible for any fines, fees, or penalties that may come from inappropriate spectrum usage. 

PocketWizard wireless triggering devices are currently sold throughout the world via our comprehensive list of PocketWizard Authorized Dealers.  To find an online retailer or a store located near you, click here

International Distributors & Frequency by country (not all countries listed) - Countries with a website link are current PocketWizard Distributors.
Argentina   344 MHz - FCC/US
  433 MHz - CE
Australia   433 MHz - CE
Belgium   433 MHz - CE
  344 MHz - FCC/US
Brunei   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Canada   344 MHz - FCC/US
Chile   344 MHz - FCC/US
China, HK   433 MHz - CE
  344 MHz - FCC/US
  433 MHz - CE
Cyprus   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Denmark   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Finland   433 MHz - CE
France   433 MHz - CE
Germany   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Greece   433 MHz - CE
Hong Kong   433 MHz - CE
Hungary   433 MHz - CE
Iceland   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Ireland   433 MHz - CE
Israel   433 MHz - CE
Italy   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Latvia   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Malaysia   433 MHz - CE
Mexico   344 MHz - FCC/US
  433 MHz - CE
Netherlands   433 MHz - CE
New Zealand   433 MHz - CE
Norway   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Panama   344 MHz - FCC/US
Phillipines   433 MHz - CE
Poland   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Russia   433 MHz - CE
Saudi Arabia
  433 MHz - CE
Singapore   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
South Africa
  433 MHz - CE
South Korea   433 MHz - CE
Spain   433 MHz - CE
Sweden   433 MHz - CE
Switzerland   433 MHz - CE
  344 MHz
Thailand   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
U.K   433 MHz - CE
  433 MHz - CE
Uruguay   433 MHz - CE
  344 MHz - FCC/US
Vietnam   344 MHz - FCC/US
Yugoslavia   433 MHz - CE