PocketWizard Products to be available in retailers throughout Germany and Austria as of February 15, 2017
South Burlington, VT – February 10, 2017
– LPA Design, manufacturers of PocketWizard Photo Products, the world leader in reliable wireless control of cameras, flash lighting and light meters, announces the appointment of HENSEL-VISIT GmbH & Co. KG as the Distributor of all PocketWizard Photo Products for the German and Austrian markets. 

HENSEL-VISIT GmbH has been developing and producing high-quality flash and lighting technologies for photographers since 1963 and is the leading manufacturer of professional flash equipment in Germany.  PocketWizard first offered its ground breaking wireless trigger technology in 1998.  As the designated distributor of PocketWizard products, photographic equipment retailers will work directly with the Würzburg based Hensel sales and marketing staff for product purchase, support and end user warranty service.  Qualified retailers in these markets will be able to begin ordering PocketWizard products as of February 15th, 2017.

“Our alignment with Hensel as our distributor for these markets will provide dealers with a single source sales contact for the market leading brands in lighting and wireless radio accessories.  Hensel’s commitment to develop and fabricate excellent, durable and dependable lighting tools that photographers can rely on mirrors our way of doing business in the wireless radio category.  We look forward to strengthening our dealer network to offer PocketWizard excellence and value at competitive prices with Hensel’s strong team.” said Karen Marshall, CEO of LPA Design.

“PocketWizard is the leader in wireless control of remote flashes and cameras in our markets and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with such a reputable brand.  Through our established network of German photo retailers and sales reps currently selling Hensel products, we will be able to easily integrate PocketWizard’s brand into the stores and rental shops.  It is an easy story to sell PocketWizard products with our Lighting products”, notes Guido Puttkammer, Managing Director for HENSEL-VISIT GmbH.

About PocketWizard:  Incorporating the latest radio technology, PocketWizard radio triggers exceed the demands of the professional and serious amateur photographer with durability, ease of use, advanced capabilities and legendary reliability.  PocketWizard products, including the Plus®X, PLUS® III, PLUS® IV, MiniTT1® and FlexTT5® are made by LPA Design, based in South Burlington, Vermont and sold by distributors around the world.

About HENSEL-VISIT GmbH & Co KG:  Professional flash units are the perfect light sources for demanding photographers. Hensel offers a wide product range: Puristic Integra Mini compact flashes for ambitious starters, fast Expert D monolights for people & fashion, classic Nova generators for complex studio jobs and last but not least the famous Porty L, state-of-the-art battery powered generators.

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Karen Marshall                               Guido Puttkammer   
CEO, PocketWizard                         Managing Director , Hensel GmbH
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