New hot shoe to miniphone (HSFM3) cable allows photographers to connect any speedlight style flash to a PocketWizard radio, whether it has a PC port or not. 

1097hsfm3_3.4_view_72dpi_2x2_WEB.jpg So. Burlington, VT – August 27, 2013 – LPA Design, manufacturers of PocketWizard Photo Products, announces the immediate availability of the new hot shoe to miniphone cable (HSFM3).  This three-foot cable, which has a basic (non-TTL) hot shoe on one end and a mono miniphone connector on the other, allows photographers to slide any speedlight style flash into the shoe to avoid using the sometimes unreliable or missing PC port.  The miniphone end plugs into either a Plus® radio (PlusX, Plus III, Plus II or Plus Receivers), MultiMAX Transceiver or FlexTT5 Transceiver.  With another PocketWizard radio on the camera, photographers now have the most reliable triggering setup possible.
"This cable has been long overdue in our line,” says Dave Schmidt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PocketWizard.  “There are several flashes on the market that skipped the basic PC port making this cable a necessity and the PC port is not known for its reliability.  This high-quality cable will provide the connectivity and reliability photographers expect from PocketWizard,” Schmidt added.

Other features of the new HSFM3 include a ¼-20 socket below the hot shoe, gold plated contacts and robust design to ensure reliability. 

1097MPCF-L_locking_72dpi_1.75wide_WEB.jpgAlso available is the new locking PC to miniphone adapter (MPCF-L).  This handy adapter allows users to convert any cord with a PC connection into a miniphone connection. 

Additional information about these new cables and other PocketWizard accessories can be found here.