1128multimax2.jpgSouth Burlington, VT - July 17, 2014 - The PocketWizard MultiMAX, our venerable flagship radio product, is being retired effective immediately.

The MultiMAX was born in early 2001 and is just a little older than Windows XP.  One of the first digital transceivers in the photo industry, the MultiMAX became the professional choice for over a dozen basketball seasons, seven Olympics, and countless portraits and weddings. Its special mix of technology enabled it to survive the industry’s transition from film to digital.  Some of its features, like Custom IDs, True Trigger Confirmation, and Equalization, have never been duplicated.  Certainly, the MultiMAX has earned its place in the history of photography.

Today, key parts are no longer being manufactured. Case in point is the LCD which was based on an early flip phone (the Motorola StarTac of the late 1990’s).  So, regrettably, we can no longer market the MultiMAX.

Fortunately, the PocketWizard Plus III radio carries on the primary features of the MultiMAX, like 32 channels, Quad-Zone Triggering, Long Range Mode, and Auto-Relay and is fully compatible with the MultiMAX and the entire PocketWizard line.

Final orders have shipped.  Check with your dealer or distributor for retail availability.

Warranty Repairs:
PocketWizard will honor warranties and perform customer repairs for the next few years.  If warranty repairs are unable to be performed due to parts depletion, we will make reasonable efforts to help photographers maintain PocketWizard compatibility by offering alternative product at a special value.

Custom IDs:
The Custom ID service for the MultiMAX will remain available for MultiMAX owners.  We will investigate the possibility of implementing Custom IDs in the Plus III or a future radio.
Special Accessories:
All PocketWizard remote camera and flash cables will remain in the product line.  MultiMAX specific accessories like PW-CC (Confirmation Cable) and PW-AC-MX (AC Adapter for older 6-pin radios) will no longer be produced, but may still be available at retailers.

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