PocketWizard Introduces a Major Firmware Upgrade: TheE Release for Extended Range, Enhanced Reliability, and Expanded Features

The ERelease is Available for the Plus III and Plus IV Radio Triggers

sold in North and South America

South Burlington,VT, September 10, 2019: PocketWizard ispleased to announce the availability of the E Release, a firmware upgrade forPocketWizard Plus III and Plus IV radios sold in North and South America. The ERelease delivers significant benefits for photographers including a tremendoustriggering distance that is more than double our current range with more thandouble the number of available channels. The result is a radio trigger thatdelivers unparalleled reliability for the photographer who doesn't want to missa shot.

PocketWizarddoes not make Disposable Products

Scott Hamilton, one of the founders of PocketWizardnoted, "For the past 29 years, PocketWizard has been making radio triggers forphotographers using the same reliable radio technology and it has served uswell. We have a reputation of making quality products that withstand the testof time. Our users know that if they buy a radio today, it will still work withthe radios that they may have purchased 10 or even 15 years ago. This compatibilityis important to us because we care about our customers and we care aboutthe environment. We feel good that our products are not ending up in thelandfills due to obsolescence. Our radios are not designed to bedisposable. 

"However, our current technology has limited ourability to make enhancements. We want to add new features and allowphotographers to do even more with our radio triggers and we want to keep thatcompatibility. Now with the E Release, we can create new products with morefeatures AND have them be compatible with the radios they already own. The ERelease is paving the way for the evolution of PocketWizard."

To see the E Release in action, check out our blog where we follow Vermont photographer Michael Heeneyin a difficult shooting situation with 3 remote cameras at a good distance inan environment that would normally challenge radio transmission - in and amongthe rocks and water.

TheEvolution of PocketWizard - Upgrade for New Features

Theupgrade is available to purchase for only $9.99 USD directly from PocketWizard.Any new PocketWizard Plus III or Plus IV purchased on or after September 1,2019 from an authorized US or Canadian PocketWizard dealer is eligible for afree firmware upgrade.

Currently,the E Release is only available for the FCC frequency PocketWizard PlusIII and Plus IV but it will soon be available for more models. Refer toour E Release website for more information and subscribe to our newsletter.


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