Birmingham, UK – 22ndJanuary 2019 – XP Distribution, Europe’s leading distributor of hardware,software, accessories and consumables into the digital imaging, video andgraphics market, announces their distribution partnership with industry-leadingphotographic accessory brand PocketWizard by LPA Design within the Europeanmarket. Based out of Burlington, Vermont, LPA Design designs and manufactureswireless triggering systems for photographers to control and synchronisecameras, remote flashes and strobe lighting.


PocketWizard wireless triggers have become theindustry standard offering excellent build quality and reliability, with noother product allowing the same creative freedom. Ideal for both seasoned proslooking for a fresh creative approach to their photography, and newphotographers simply looking to free their flash from their camera, using thePocketWizard patented HyperSync technology and reliable, industry-standardwireless triggers, will help them do just that.


With other lighting and photographic accessorybrands already on XP Distribution’s portfolio, and along with their expertindustry knowledge, XP Distribution are well-appointed to successfully bringPocketWizard to market across Europe.


“We couldn’t be happier that LPA Design havechosen XP Distribution to support their European strategy,” says GeoffreyClements, Managing Director, XP Distribution. “Our significant marketingresources coupled with account management teams will allow us to grow thebusiness as key partners looking to build the presence of PocketWizard in theUK and European markets.”


PocketWizardkey features:

·        PocketWizard Wireless TriggeringSystems feature the MiniTT1, FlexTT5 and Flex TT6 with TTL capability for Canon,Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic capability, as well as the MultiMAX II, Plus IIIand PlusX with manual control of remote flashes, enabling fluid and untetheredtriggering between all components of your photographic system, allowing you toget the perfect shot, anytime, anywhere.

·        Triggers multiplecameras and lights simultaneously.

·        PocketWizard’s HyperSync featurethrows X-sync limitations out the window, allowing never before possibleshutter speeds with any flash; with some camera and flash combinations,even 1/8000th second is possible.

·        Can trigger cameras and flash up to500 metres away and with sequential triggering. 


Matthew Bean, President and CEO of LPA Designnoted “Photographers in Europe will benefit greatly from our new partnershipwith XP Distribution. Their connections and expertise in the industry will ensureeasy access to PocketWizard products and enable photographers to achieve theircreative vision. We’re thrilled to be working with the highest calibre team inEurope.”    


PocketWizard,distributed by XP Distribution, is now available to stockists across Europe andwill be available for demo on enquiry and live at The Photography Show,Birmingham in March. To learn more, visit www.xpdistribution.com.


For moreinformation, please contact: TallieWright: [email protected]