313Website_Cable_Langing_Page.jpgAlthough PocketWizard transceivers can communicate with each other wirelessly, they need a connecting cable to talk to your remote flash or remote camera. 

In July of 2012, we made it our mission to revamp our entire cable program, one cable at a time. We started by beefing up the cable itself, gold-plating the connections, designing new strain reliefs, adding a product id label, and giving the cables a nice industrial design complete with a stylized PocketWizard branded dome label.

At the same time, we started a redesign of our cable packaging and switched to a box made from 100% recycled material complete with a biodegradable and recyclable label.   

Use our convenient Cable Finder to find the correct cable for your cameras and flashes.

The cable(s) you will need depend on the terminal types used by your camera and/or flash equipment. Also, many of our cables are available in a variety of lengths so be sure to choose the one that best matches your needs.

PocketWizard accessories are available for specific needs including isolation bars, trigger buttons, and adapters.  Look for more accessories in the future.

Flash Sync Cables

389Flash_Sync_Landing.jpg Find your flash sync cable by surfing the variety of connector styles or use the helpful Cable Finder.

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PC Sync Cables

381PC_Sync_Landing.jpg Connect your PocketWizard radio to the ubiquitous PC terminal.

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Remote Camera Cables

390Remote_Camera_Landing.jpg Expand your creativity and get shots no one else can! Or have another camera increase your coverage of the same event. Use our Cable Finder to find the correct cable for your gear.

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Cable Accessories

311Accessories_Landing.jpg Even accessories need accessories. Look here for buttons, adapters, rods, and more!

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