Pre-Trigger Remote Cable

(formerly the N90M-ACC cable)

For connecting a PlusX, Plus III, FlexTT5 or MultiMAX with ACC port to to a Nikon D200 or D100 with MB-D100 power grip. 

Cable length: 3' (91.5 cm)

From: 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo miniphone
To: Nikon 10-pin remote shutter release terminal

International Catalog Number: N10-ACC-D200

US Catalog Number: 802-452

PocketWizard Compatibility:          

• PlusX
• Plus III
• FlexTT5
• MultiMAX with ACC port to a Nikon 10-pin remote shutter release terminal
• Use the N90M3-P or N90M3  for the Plus II, older MultiMAX, or other PocketWizard radios.


Description: This is a special remote shutter release cable called a Pre-Trigger Cable.  A Pre-Trigger cable controls both the half-press and full-press function of your remote camera’s shutter release.  When a camera is “pre-triggered”, it is like holding your camera’s shutter release button in the half-pressed or metering/focusing position.

This –ACC cable allows a compatible PocketWizard radio to independently control both half-press and full-press functions.

Added bonus: All N10-ACC-D200 cables shipped into the market starting July/August 2013 include a MSMM Adapter (stereo to mono miniphone) which converts a N10-ACC-D200 cable to a standard N90M3 miniphone cable.  This change coincides with the introduction of our new retail packaging. All cables are now packaged in a environmental friendly cardboard box with recycled white labels showing both ends of the cable as well as compatibility list. This replaces our old packaging of a zipped bag packaging.

A Standard Cable (N90M3) works with most PocketWizard radios but has no half-press control, and is for basic remote triggering only. (Using a N10-ACC cable with a MSMM Adapter will provide the same function as a N90M3 cable.)

A Pre-Release or Pre-Trigger (-P) Cable (N90M3-P) works with most PocketWizard radios.  This pre-trigger cable has a switch that allows you to toggle half-press on or off at the camera position, but not remotely. (Using a N10-ACC cable with a PTMM Adapter will provide the same function as a N90M3-P cable.)



Compatible with the following radios:

PlusX: Use this cable with the PlusX to trigger the camera.  

Plus III: Use this cable with the Plus III’s exclusive 2-stage trigger to wake-up or focus your remote camera just like using the camera’s shutter release button.  

FlexTT5: This cable is required for relay mode with E-TTL, or other remote triggering with the FlexTT5.  Learn more here.  You can use a –P cable or standard cable with a FlexTT5, but your remote camera will not be able to relay an E-TTL signal to Speedlites.  The FlexTT5 does not support the 2-stage trigger function.

MultiMAX with –ACC port: Enable a remote zone with your hand-held MultiMAX, and your remote MultiMAX will wake up its remote camera with this cable.  As long as the zone is turned on, the remote camera will stay awake and respond more quickly and consistently, but also consume the camera's batteries much more quickly.  When the remote zone is disabled, the camera will enter its normal sleep modes.  The MultiMAX does not support the 2-stage trigger function.

Please see our PocketWizard Wiki for more details.


Compatible with cameras using Nikon's 10-pin remote terminal including:

Nikon D200
Nikon D100 with MB-D100 power grip


This cable will also work on most other Nikon 10-pin remote terminal cameras but N10-ACC (formerly the N90M-ACC-ND) is recommended.  Will not work for D700, D800, D800E or D4. Use N10-ACC (formerly the  N90M-ACC-ND) instead.

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