Bowens Gemini 500 Pro




Bowens specializes in producing crisp and refined lighting, with their Gemini series of monolights with models ranging from 500w/s to 1500w/s, as well as the CREO 1200 w/s and 2400 w/s studio pack system. As member of the Technology Alliance between PocketWizard, Bowens, and Sekonic, the Bowens Gemini R and Pro series monolights are now fully PocketWizard compatible when the new PocketWizard BowensGEM Receiver module is added. For a limited time, this radio module*, or the servicing to upgrade older monolights is free.
* with the purchase of a new Bowens monolight or kit.

NOTE: This applies to USA-only units and frequencies.

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Learn more about the yellow Plus III Transceiver available in the US only.

BowensGEM Receiver Antenna
BowensGEM Receiver Module
Bowens signature yellow Plus III. Available in US only.