The world's first light meters with built-in PocketWizard wireless technology.

Now you can simultaneously trigger and measure your electronic flash units up to 100 feet away wirelessly.  And you can even trigger motor driven cameras.210Untitled-2.jpg

Many Sekonic meters feature radio triggering capability that is compatible with PocketWizard® radio triggering systems.

The Sekonic L-758DR, L-478DR and C-500R meters offer built-in radio triggering. The Sekonic L-758D, and L-758Cine allow the meter user to install a radio transmitter accessory module.

  • 32 channels plus Selective Quad Triggering Zones
  • Trigger flash units and/or cameras 100 feet away
  • Flash/Ambient Analyzing
  • Retractable and rotating Lumisphere 
  • 1° Spot with Digital Display
  • Direct Display 1/2 or 1/3 step shutter speeds and apertures
  • Exposure/Calibration Compensation