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Being a photographer means being a problem solver. Sometimes that's fun and sometimes that's just a drag!

Look here for help and answers to some of those tougher issues.
Cable Finder

Standards are a good thing sometimes and we wish there were some standards when it came to flash and camera connections but its not that simple. To help you figure out which cable you need to trigger that new flash or camera, use our very handy cable finder.

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You hate to read them but we are going to keep writing them. Past or present, you can download all of the manuals to all of our products.

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738PWTV._teaser.jpg PW TV is a series of simple in-house videos created to get you the answers you need quickly. These videos cover the basics and the advanced capabilities of PocketWizard radios.

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Your question has probably been asked before so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and posted the answers here.

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PocketWizard Technical Bulletins provide you with the most current technical information on all current PocketWizard products, new product releases and firmware updates.

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Looking for something specific? Search for it here:

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We hate to admit it, but sometimes a PocketWizard breaks. When it does we can probably fix it (unless it got run over by your assistant's car). Find out how here.

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Occasionally it helps us to know who you are. We might upgrade some firmware or do some other tricky fix and want to tell you about it. Let us know you have our stuff and we'll let you know if we update it.

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