All PocketWizard radios operate using a type of computer program called firmware.  All of the ControlTL radios and the most recent MultiMAX have a USB port that allow them to be updated with new firmware via the PocketWizard Utility.  ControlTL radios also have many features that can be configured via the Utility.  Click here to download the Utility.

Firmware updates will be done to add new features and capabilities or fix issues that impacted performance of the system.  When there is an update available notification will be posted on our website, our facebook page and our twitter feed as well as emailed to all registered users.

If you just received your new PocketWizard radios (or have never checked), you should check for firmware updates before using them.  Make sure they have the latest firmware on them as an update may have occurred since they were shipped from the factory. 

IMPORTANT:  When you update the firmware on your PocketWizard radios, make sure to update ALL similar units all to the same firmware version (all MultiMAX on same version, all MiniTT1/FlexTT5 on same version). 

If similar radios have different firmware versions, they may not operate properly.  Reverse compatibility for standard triggering will not be impacted by new firmware.  Please follow the instructions in the Utility for updating your units. 

PocketWizard has also opened The Beta Lab, where newer versions of firmware are put through final field-testing with those photographers that want to use the latest stuff.  Beta firmware has been tested internally before it's available, but there are so many camera and flash variables that final validation needs to be done with a larger user base then what we can do internally.  To find out more about the Beta Lab, click here.

Plus II owners need not worry that their units don’t have a USB port.  Plus II’s operational needs are much simpler then the MultiMAX or ControlTL radios and its firmware has been proven over several years of use.