The RF noise issue with Canon flashes has been a challenge for many PocketWizard users.  To date, we’ve developed two solutions, the AC5 RF Soft Shield and the AC7 RF Hard Shield.  Both of these work as physical barriers between the flash and the PocketWizard receiver.  But both of these are additional “things” you need to deal with and most photographers want to deal with less, not more. 

For those of you that identify with less, there is a third solution now available: internal modifications to your 580EX II Speedlite.  It filters the RF noise closest to the source - on the inside.  Once this service is performed, there is no need to use external shielding solutions.  PocketWizard is not providing this service, but has solicited the help of some top repair centers to perform the work.  It is not something anyone should try to do themselves as there are potentially lethal voltages present inside the flash.

Below is the spectrum analysis of a typical 580EX II before and after this modification. 

Canon 580EX II RF emissions before modification.
















Canon 580EX II RF emissions after modification.

















The baseline on both is the “noise floor” which indicates the normal ambient level of RF noise.  You can see with the modification, the noise level is brought to within acceptable and workable levels and won’t have an impact on the reception of the receiving radio. 

The cost for this service is greater than the external solutions but with the elimination of the hassle-factor, we feel it’s an investment you will appreciate.

The modification is only available for the 580EX II.  It is not available for the original 580EX or the original 430EX. 

Talk with your repair provider about warranty implications, pricing, turnaround time or other specific questions you may have.  

At this time the service can be done by the following providers:

Precision Camera

LeZot Camera Repair

Michael Bass Designs

Additional repair centers may be  added in the future.