1. Select a country and click on "Search" or

2. Enter a city or zip code followed by a comma and then a state abbreviation or country and click on "Search".  Or you can simply just type in a zip code, city or state and click "Search".
Examples: Boston, MA;  London, England; Paris, France; Paris, 75011; Budapest  (caps or no caps will work)

The "Within" distance will default to 100 miles.  If you want to narrow your search, than change the distance to 10 or 50 miles. If you want to broaden your search, then change the distance to 200 or 500 miles.

If you try a search and you do not come up with any results, please broaden your search.  For instance, Alaska is a big state, you will need to broaden your search to 500 miles in order to loacate a dealer in Alaska.

If you are still having problems locating a dealer near you, please contact us on our Inquiries Page.

  PocketWizard radio systems utilize different frequencies in different markets to meet performance and regulatory requirements.  We can not provide proper warranty service for products shipped out of their intended market.

Click here for more information regarding PocketWizard frequency.

* The maps on this website were compiled using data believed to be correct.  To ensure accuracy, please verify maps locally.