PocketWizard radio systems use different frequencies in different markets to optimize performance and meet regulatory requirements.  

Quick Overview of PocketWizard frequencies throughout the World:
North & South America and parts of Asia = 340.00 to 354.00 MHz FCC/US
Europe, India, China, and other countries = 433.62 - 434.22 MHz CE
Japan = 315.50 - 317.00 MHz
For a comprehensive list, please visit our Frequency page.

PocketWizard radio devices operating on one frequency CANNOT operate with PocketWizard devices on a different radio frequency.   Retailers are prohibited from shipping devices to markets that use a different frequency and we cannot provide proper warranty service for products shipped out of their intended market.

PocketWizard wireless triggering devices are currently sold throughout the world via our comprehensive list of PocketWizard Authorized Dealers.  To find a dealer nearest you, click here or chose one of the on-line dealer's below. Please be sure to reference the Frequency page so you order the correct frequency for your country.

NETHERLANDS On-line Dealers (CE Frequency)
ACES Direct
UNITED STATES On-line Dealers (FCC Frequency)
17th Street Photo
Ace Photo
Allen's Camera
Arlington Camera, Inc.
B & H Photo-Video & Pro Audio
Badger Graphic Sales
Belair Camera & Video
Berger Brothers Camera
Biggs Camera Center
Camera Craft
Camera Mart
Dale Photo & Digital
Denver Pro Photo
Digital Technology Group
Dodd Camera
E. P. Levine, Inc.
Focus Camera
Freestyle Sales
Glazer's Camera Supply
H1 Photo
Helix Camera & Video
Huppin's Photo
Hunts Photo & Video
Jack's Camera Shop
Jano's Photo-Video
Keeble & Shuchat Photography
Keh Camera Brokers
Mel Pierce Camera
Midwest Photo Exchange
Murphy's Camera
National Camera Exchange
Nelson Photo
New York Camera & Video
Norman Camera & Video
Paul's Photo
Pixels Foto And Frame
Pro Photo Connection
Ritz Camera Center
Robert's Distributors
Samy's Cameras
San Jose Camera & Video
Service Photo Supply
Showcase, Inc.
Sunny Schick
Super Digital City
Tallyn's Professional Photo Supply
Tempe Camera
Tri-State Camera & Video
Unique Photo